I train individuals, teams and businesses how to communicate and get their message across to the people that matter using words and techniques that work. 

Presentation Training

Even talented and formidable people flounder when asked to provide a presentation whether to their peers, clients or a new business opportunity. My approach ensures you deliver content that gets your message across and wins over your audience. I make your presentation lively, engaging and relevant to your audience.

I can work with you through the development of the presentation, providing insight and advice every step of the way. If someone is confident in their message their presentation will be far more effective in connecting with their audience. A presentation is a great opportunity to ‘PR’ yourself - I give clients all the tools to allow them to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Media Training

Every time you communicate with a journalist or external audience it is an opportunity to deliver your message.

I'm experienced in preparing senior figures from the world of business, household names from the world of entertainment and politics, even a former US Presidential candidate to communicate effectively. My aim is to help clients to communicate like real people so they always get their message across.

To achieve this I devise bespoke sessions to fit individual requirements but at the heart of the session is the belief that anyone can communicate like a pro. Unlike most media and message training I don't approach the sessions from the point of view of a journalist. This allows us (in partnership with the client) to develop a successful approach to delivering a message that is credible and relevant. 

Speech Writing and Public Speaker Training

Speech writing and public speaking is a highly skilled art form but one that, with practice and commitment can be mastered by most people. I have written speeches for and coached senior politicians and business leaders, but also helped nurture hidden talents for many others.

I offer two bespoke, standalone, services. The speech writing service provides clients with the words to make powerful arguments while the public speaker training gives individuals the skills to deliver their arguments in an impactful and compelling way.

Together these will give anyone all the necessary tools and confidence to deliver a speech of real impact whoever the audience, whatever the occassion.